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On the road to Financial Independence, a steady and robust salary is important to saving significant cash for investment and growth. "Earning Well" is thus a fundamental secret. For candidates hoping to Retire Early, a larger percentage of salary (some say as much as 50%) is the required target goal. Salary traditionally comes from working for an employer, but it can also be an income stream from a family business or other steady source.

Salary and Yearly Deposits will build your retirement nest egg leading up to Financial Independence (FI) and eventually Retiring Early (RE) or Retiring Normal (RN)

Having a higher salary leads to higher savings and reaching your FI goals more quickly. It makes sense to strive for increasing your salary through traditional and non-traditional means at every phase of your salaried career.

  • Higher earnings through higher education
  • Pursue careers with growth opportunities
  • Move on if salary growth stalls
  • Become an indispensable expert
  • Join professional associations and obtain valuable certifications
  • Ask for the raise you deserve

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