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Earn - Save - Invest (ESI)

The principle elements of Earn, Save, and Invest, (ESI) or its comparable jargon are fundamental in all financial literature as a basis and method to focus your energies towards achieving income streams, making contributions for your FI future, and cultivating growth of your savings.

One especially insightful blog site that explores and reports aspects of FI as well as champions the discussion and community of ESI is ESI Money. Though the author of ESI Money only goes by the name ESI, one gets to know him well by reading through his blog posts and identifying with his motivation, his passion for finance, and his pursuit of truthful insights.

This article acknowledges ESI Money's good work and provides entry-point links to ESI's main categories for your further reading pleasure and research. And, if the fundamental concept of ESI is a secret, gaining more knowledge about FI by reading through the ESI Money website will advance your secret discovery even further.

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